For over four decades H-Square has been relied on for high-quality wafer cassette solutions. Our team can produce reliable, long-lasting cassettes for all your company’s wafer handling requirements.

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Metal Cassettes

H-Square is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of semiconductor high temperature aluminum wafer cassttes. Cassettes can be orderd in a variety of sizes, slot confi gurations, wafer stop materials and surface fi nish, giving users many options to meet their specifi c requirements.

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Process Cassettes

Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd. Japan manufactures a unique product line of high end quality cassettes and WIP storage cases with new materials specifi cally designed for the semiconductor industry.  Low out gas, low metal elution & ion and antistatic function are essential for carriers made from e-mateX FB-0431 antistatic COC, as well as storage cases made from e-mateX FB-0220 antistatic ABS. Material development and product design proposals respond to industry specifi c speed and technological changes.

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Customized Cassettes

H-Square designs and manufactures custom plastic cassettes and inserts for use in handling unique substrates and photomask cleaning applications. PC designs utilize PTFE grade and PFA grade Tefl on® parts for excellent chemical and wear resistance. Designs are off ered with either fi xed or detachable PTFE handles. Contact your local H-Square representative for more information.

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