H-Square’s Automatic Wafer Mover™ (AWM) is an electromechanical stand-alone tabletop automation system designed to move single wafers
between two process cassettes.  The automation platform is controlled by use of a storable touchscreen display. The AWM can be ordered from the
factory adjusted to handle either 75mm, 100mm, 150mm or 200mm wafers.  Each system can be uniquely setup to handle customer specific wafer
cassette(s), wafer thickness or unique wafer attributes.  Wafer Movers are designed to alleviate the need for manual wafer handling methods,
reduce scratching and wafer breakage.  An H-Square Wafer Mover platform will effectively replace the need for a vacuum wand, wafer tweezers, or
an expensive sorter platform.User friendly FPD touch screen software allows an operator to easily select Recipe Mode or Manual Mode.  Recipe
Mode allows operator to select preprogrammed recipes wafer movements between two carriers.  Manual Mode allows operator to choose on the
screen which wafers to move and where they should be placed. A safe vacuum-less low contact end-effector includes a wafer mapping  sensor
which maps wafer locations in each cassette and detects wafers presence for safe accurate movements. This system does not offer OCR /alignment
capabilities. Facilities—120V/220V power.
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Wafer Movers
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Automatic Wafer Mover - 200mm, 150mm, 100mm, 75mm
Automatic Wafer Mover - 300mm
For moving single 300mm wafers between two SEMI standard FOUP, FOSB or H-Square MC12-25HC metal bake-out cassettes.Economical - Targeted for cost sensitive
applications: R&D, Test-Assembly-Packaging & Application Labs.  Low Selling Price. Simple - Compact portable design for sorting wafers between two SEMI standard FOUP,
FOSB or Metal Bake-out Carriers. Operator opens FOUP manually, rotates into position. User-friendly FPD touch screen software - select recipe or manual mode to move a
single or multiple wafers between carriers. Safe -300mm edge contact grip end-effector includes wafer mapping sensor which detects wafers and checks for double stack & cross
slotting.This system does not offer load ports, OCR or alignment capabilities. Facilities—120V/220V power.
75mm Wafer Mover
100mm Wafer Mover
150mm Wafer Mover
200mm Wafer Mover
300mm Wafer Mover