Unique electro-spray coating system using electrostatic charge.  The Micro Mist Coater (MMC) provides a unique coating process with a  result
which is totally different from other conventional coating methods.  The Micro Mist Coater atomizes liquid materials using an electrostatic principle
called the Reyleih mechanism. Liquid material is charged with high-voltage as it exits the nozzle and is atomized. This finely misted
electrostatic-charged material is attracted to the substrate on a grounded work stage.
Micro Mist Coater can coat the material on the sides and corners, as well as the top surface of  the target. The
coating layer will conform to the surface structure of the target, whereas with conventional spin coaters this is not
possible.  Contact H-Square for more information about he NTE Micro Mist Coater technology.
Advantages of electrostatic coating with Micro Mist unique nozzle

Thin coating of high viscosity materials
High viscosity materials can be coated, which was not possible in spray and spin coaters.
Since the coating material made into a mist by an electrostatic force is coated to a base material, a uniform film can be

Material Cost Reduction
Since an electrostatic force is used, there is no waste of the coating material and costs can be reduced.

No Pinholes
Since no air pressure is applied, precision coating without voids can be achieved.

Smooth coating of three-dimensional structures
The electrostatic force allows for smooth coating on the side walls of the base material, and the base material of
three-dimensional structures without unevenness.
Coating can be applied to various base materials, such as glass, silicon and film.

Free Design
This product can be used with an extensive range of materials, such as resist, high polymer ,conductive materials and
high viscosity materials.
This product also supports device design according to the coating process. A unique system can be designed for
specific coating requirements.
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We provide coating tests using an
in-house test coater.
Micro Mist Coater
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