H-Square's extensive experience in handling Compound Semiconductor materials has brought innovation and low cost solutions to benefit both R&D
and production-scale compound semiconductor manufacturing groups. Automated systems and a wide variety of manual handling tools have been
developed for emerging technologies in wireless networks and optoelectronic manufacturing. Driven by the demand for wireless technology, gallium
arsenide (GaAs) has been the most used compound semiconductor material by volume. In addition, sapphire and silicon carbide (SiC) have been
benefiting from the booming LED market, while gallium nitride (GaN) has become the preferred choice for blue laser diode makers. Indium
Phosphide (InP) is increasingly used for fiber-optic communication applications. The unique properties, applications and high cost of compound
semiconductor materials dictate special handling considerations and tooling.  H-Square has extensive knowledge for handling these unique
substrates and can offer compound semiconductor customers a wide range of handling solutions.
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Copyright © 2015 - H-Square Corporation  Santa Clara, California, USA All Rights Reserved
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